Accommodating diversity in computer science education

When it comes to individualistic fitness, the physical education teacher can help students learn how to design their own fitness plans and monitor their progress through logs so they can see how much better they are doing at one or another exercise or game.For example, a fitness plan may include climbing a rope and seeing if the student gets faster over time.Younger students can practice the alphabet by playing ABC musical chairs.Slightly older students can play reading catch by decoding ping pong balls printed with sight words or spelling words their partners toss to them.As opposed to this, many African American, Asian, Arab, Latin American, and Native American cultures are collectivist in their value system.Meaning, instead of valuing individual competitiveness, it's more about working together that's important to them.On the flip side, the collectivist value system can incorporate group activities and games.

What can we do to ensure a student like Isabella has a great experience in PE class and doesn't feel left out?

Well, in some instances we may need to enlist the help of an individual who is bilingual so that Isabella can understand what's going on.

This can be another PE teacher, an assistant, or even a student who speaks the same language, depending on circumstances.

Keeping in mind the principle of partial participation, it can be extremely positive for a student and their peers to develop peer-support relationships that allow for in-class assistance from fellow students to help some particularly challenged learners adapt in the general education classroom.

Students who help their peers should be given training from special education on how to provide aid to their classmate, but it is helpful to articulate for both the learner and their peers what your specific goals are for that student during each lesson time.

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