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In this “help a brotha out” culture, I’m sure this is quite a common scenario.

It also makes perfect sense given the “scarcity, hunt and peck” predicament that BW find themselves in when they limit themselves to BM only. I’ll take care of that, too.” Even if no one says it as flatly as this, the prevailing attitude is that BW ARE undeserving of the traditional benefits women have enjoyed in marriage and better consider themselves lucky if they are able to convince any caliber of man to marry them.

BW are now thought of as the primary breadwinners and protectors.

I would wonder how many black SAHMs there are compared to how many BW have chronically unemployed stay at home (in)significant others.

In this context, African-American women can’t afford the luxury of calling ourselves “overcoming” the perception that we want legitimate marriage—just like every other race and ethnic group of women on the planet.Other women may face similar issues, but at nowhere near the rate of African-American women.Black women need to stop tripping, recognize that other women’s context is not our context, and respond accordingly.Quality men are repelled by coarse she-males and un-women.I understand how this Sister Soldiering became entrenched among African-American women.

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As I stressed at the previous blog, if you live in a Black residential area, a Dunbar Village atrocity is coming soon to neighborhood.

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