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Still, voting was down in counties that didn’t see cuts to early voting access, too, suggesting that the cuts aren’t the only relevant factor.

Riggs said she believes the cuts played a large role, but she thinks that reports of intimidation by Donald Trump supporters may also have played in.

Those calls have led to widespread concern about voter intimidation targeted at racial minorities.

Two other factors that may have contributed to the voting drop-off: Some of the largest declines were in Cumberland and Robeson counties, both of which were hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.

Some residents of the state's coastal areas are still getting back on their feet.

The reduced number of sites led to reports of long wait times to vote in some places.

Because the state’s governor is a Republican, county election boards are GOP-controlled.

“Our Republican Board members should feel empowered to make legal changes to early voting plans, that are supported by Republicans,” Woodhouse wrote.

A federal court found in August that Republicans in North Carolina intentionally sought to make voting more difficult for African-Americans.

Now, with early voting wrapped up, a decline in black turnout suggests that they succeeded.

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Some of the deficit could still be made up on Election Day.

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