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Carrie Hope Fletcher (born 22 October 1992) is a musician, actress, and vlogger from London, England.Fletcher has released two singles and has a fan base of over 400,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel titled Its Way Past My Bed Time.The shooting sparked a ten-day siege of the building before 30 of the occupants were deported back to Libya.

The Dallas-born 26-year-old leaned her head against her man's as they sat in front of a mass of foliage near a sign that read 'Private Residence.'She'd offered a generous view of decolletage in an Instagram photo she posted last Friday of herself sitting on a small red stairway that descended from a lawn.

The key suspect, Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, a former education minister in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime who was arrested in connection with the shooting in April 1984, has been told by police the investigation against him will not proceed 'at this time'.

The Libyan, in his 50s, who was teaching at a British university at the time, was held on suspicion of conspiracy to murder but has been released from bail without charge.

He showcased his musclebound arms in a black T-shirt as he posed alongside Jo Jo at a cliff offering a spellbinding vista of the ocean at sunset on Friday.'Can't beat the view, oh and the sky looks unbelievable too #shecute,' he wrote in the caption to the photo, in which Jo Jo wore tiny and torn black shorts.

The killers of PC Yvonne Fletcher will not face justice because police are unable to charge anyone for 'national security reasons'.

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