Cons of dating an older guy

They don't have to answer to anybody, they're their own man.

Obviously, they have spent more time on this earth than we have.But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're smarter than you.Often enough you're opinion is dismissed simply because you're younger and pre assume we're more naive, and that's all it is, and it's This can be a good thing if the guy isn't a know-it-all, it's pretty cool to have this guy tell you about all the craic he's had over the past few years.Realizing that you and your mate don't know the same songs or like the same movies can take a toll on a relationship overtime, since part of being in a relationship is having things in common.While couples with age differences can capitalize on the situation by embracing gaps in knowledge and use it as a way to introduce each other to new things, cultural references can also serve as a constant reminder of the difference between ages.

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