Dating blowing off

I guess I just don't favor hard and fast rules about this sort of thing. THEY let me know they were interested and they kept up the chase, anything less.....f*ck em ! The feeling you are getting blown-off is usually pretty accurate.

So doing nothing will allow you to see if you were wrong. In the early stages, if a guy started dropping the ball and not returning calls in timely fashion or canceling and then acting vague about rescheduling, I walked away, and without looking back.

If they blew it beyond that point, I said goodbye and wished them luck.

I usually give them one chance to resume the status quo before I move on - two if I really like the guy or happen to be bored at the moment...

I have a friend who, every time she makes a new friend, ditches all of her old friends and becomes obsessed with the new friend for a few months until she gets tired of her.

During these times, she blows us all off and it's really annoying.

Needless to say, I didn't do well in school that semester.

We’ve all had that moment where someone we care about blows us off.

It’s embarrassing, it’s annoying and it makes us feel crappy, but it happens.

When you sense that you're being blown off (which in hindsight may or may not be accurate*), how do you normally respond? Who wants a guy who isn't crazy about you, can't wait to see you ??? One was a cool ass record producer and the other owned a biker compound.

THEY let me know they were interested and they kept up the chase, anything less.....f*ck em !

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If you think your friend has a new BFF, here's how to deal. If someone isn't answering your text messages, they're doing it purposely.

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