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I've been fat my entire life (save for a brief exhilarating period in my early 20s when I experimented with Stackers and "Trimspa, baby! This is something I've heard a lot and something that may be true statistically, but certainly isn't true for many men I know. ") and I've come to terms with the fact that it's hard for me to not only lose weight but to maintain the weight I'm at now. I don't lose 50 pounds in a week by just eating one less cake a day. Especially if you're in between sizes and the pants legs fit but the waist doesn't and you're just standing there cursing out whoever designed this garment until someone knocks on the door to see if you're okay. "Hey, big guy." Oh my god, there is nothing worse than being referred to as "big guy" when you're a big guy. And when you try to de-emphasize looks as much as possible, it makes people feel like you're with them despite their weight, which is kind of a problem.3. Being a fat dude doesn't mean you're not an active dude. I don't know what this platitude is supposed to do, but I can guarantee it's not having the desired effect. "At least you don't have to worry about shopping for clothes." Guess what: Fat dudes like dressing nice too.You wouldn't go up to a larger woman and say, "Hey, big girl," so why is it OK to say it to dudes? "You're a guy, so you'll lose that weight quick if you want to." I've actually lost a lot of weight in the past year by going on a medical fast and eating 800 calories per day, but I'm lucky. I don't know what you're trying to tell me here, but why you gotta let me know I look like a "fatter version"? Plenty of fat dudes do yoga and aerobics and jog a mile (I do it by running from zombies! And the first thing people say when we express our frustration with our weight? And we often don't get that chance because the awesome rainbow cardigan at H&M is a European extra-large, which is like an American extra-small. "Maybe you have thyroid problems." Could be, but those are rare and I've had my thyroid checked. I could be getting eaten by a shark and I'd still be covering my torso because I wouldn't want him to think I wasn't all muscle. I have perfected the arms across the chest stance and use it even when I'm in the water. Hearing, "You're a dude, no one cares how much you weigh" is shitty. If they didn't, no one would be suggesting I get acquainted with a mountain of vegetables under a vinaigrette glaze. Related: What Being a Fat Woman Is Really Like Follow Mark on Twitter. First, you're worried everyone's looking at you (yes), and second someone inevitably tries to make small talk by asking if this is your first time here. I also don't order half the menu when I go out to eat and am a strict vegetarian.

He eventually relents and they spend an enjoyable day strolling around New York and cracking each other up — until she refers to herself as fat and Louie tells her she isn’t.

Similarly, unless you're the witch from , you don't need to let me know you like me despite my appearance.

There are other barriers to liking me, such as my generally grumpy demeanor and inability to balance my checkbook.

We’re still missing an explanation for why overweight men tend to be perched higher than their female counterparts in the dating hierarchy.

Jennifer Jill Harman, a Colorado State University researcher, suggested in an email that this might have to do with the idea that if one partner in a relationship is significantly more attractive than the other, “people tend to assume something else is ‘traded.’ So an unattractive older male most likely has status and money to trade for a younger and beautiful female.

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Here's some #realtalk about what being a fat dude is really like. The last time I went on a diet was after someone said, "What do you think about that, big guy? When I looked around to see who was being addressed he said, "No it's you!

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