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The same thing is going on with software EULA agreements today.

Eventually, the government had to step in and prevent such abuse of contract terms.

In pracctical terms ultimately EULAizer is providing the data to inform a decision into a similar polarity I've known legal practitioners to dump Notices on evil corps with pages and pages of terms and conditions, with the coup de grace hidden at item 147, knowing full well it won't be read As Dirk says, this won't be an issue for European EULA from mid next year, for Europeans. But, I suspect the paid EULAlyzer version is better.

I wonder if congnizance of this will force more migration from US software across the pond • August 12, 2017 AM @ Rachel Thanks. The real issue is that certain websites need certain browsers like Chrome… and young people are trained not to read the EULA agreements and just click them. This would include the right not to have other software downloaded automatically as in the case of Chrome browser.

I thought I was just suffering from the lack of clear symbolism being displayed to indicate hierarchy. Perhaps you need to aquaint yourself with the text 'The Western English Guide to Japanese Honorifics for Pleasure and Profit' Sebastian Junger was respectful and disciplined enough to limit his thesis on War and Tribe to a half hours reading. https:// @65535 appreciate the detailed explaination of your experience with EULAizer. Nice to see things like that actually spelt out, in Chrome - not that we should be surprised.

Your experience reminds me of experiences with things like No Script.

I also suspect the same is true for Noscript and other programs that are probably quietly in the data mining business.Good luck with almost every CPU having backdoors ranging from Intel to AMD and also ARM :) .re: VPN This is the problem with using someone else VPN service. As per the usual Defense Contractor practice, they will try to sell more and part of the tactics to sell more is to scare the Govts and lock-in the customers.As you say a legal department will overload a person or even a corporation with 147 pages of legalese to force the user to give up his/her rights at a weak moment. In day gone by, loan sharks of decades ago would do 30 or 40 percent per year with miniature type a long paragraphs on interest bearing consumer loans.Most poor consumer never read the loan agreement and just signed the contract for a TV and got cheated.

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re: Salesforce Not surprising for many corporations. another hazard of writing code in a physical object—the program decoded it backward.

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