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But that’s not quite a blueprint for the world’s premier egalitarian society. Today almost everybody in Scandinavia can read, a legacy of the Reformation and early Christian missionaries, who were interested in teaching all citizens to read the Bible.Following a long period of turmoil, Nordic states also turned to literacy as a stabilizing force in the late 18 century.If you will only donate for couples or only for heterosexuals, then say so when you post. EVERYONE: If you post seeking a donor or offering to be one, PLEASE STATE YOUR COUNTRY STATE OR PROVINCE CLEARLY IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Girls and boys learn about contraception in school (and even the pleasure of orgasms), and most cities have youth clinics where contraceptives are readily available.Women may have an abortion for any reason up to the eighteenth week (they can seek permission from the National Board of Health and Welfare after that), and the issue is not politically controversial. This forum is for couples or single women looking for healthy free sperm donors, and for healthy men to post their availability to be sperm donors. No messages offering or requesting payment will be allowed, unless it is for expenses incurred(including medical tests and travel). This is a forum for people seeking a private sperm donor, or for men offering to donate.

Granted, the national dish is putrefied shark meat, but you can’t have everything.

LADIES: if you only want artificial insemination (AI), then say so when you post, otherwise most replies will be from men wanting NI. GENTLEMEN: if you only want to donate by having NI, then say so when you post, but be aware that most women only want artificial insemination.

If you are a "natural"-only donor, then please do NOT contact any women who have requested AI.

By 1842, Sweden had made education compulsory for both boys and girls.

Researchers have found that the more literate the society in general, the more egalitarian it is likely to be, and vice versa. S., too, so there must be something else going on in Scandinavia.

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Iceland, for example, spends the world’s lowest percentage of GDP on its military.

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