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As a woman with a full-sleeve and various other tattoos I prefer not to be labeled as "inked" or defined in any way by my tattoos.

It does not concern me in the slightest that this research study suggests that more men will approach me and may believe that I will sleep with them because I have tattoos.

Women with ink are like other women—except for their taste in body decoration.

Please comment: If you’re a man, in your experience have tattooed women been more into sex?

In addition, this study did not distinguish sexual activity by gender, so it’s not clear if tattooed ... They do this to enhance their self-esteem and to feel more attractive and desirable.The point is when I see a tattoo, I become intrigued 1)because only a small minority of women have tattoos and 2)because there must be some story behind it, and I want to find out more.Most girls I know do not have tattoos because they are too afraid to have something permanently emblazoned on their bodies, so when I see a girl with one, I see someone with courage, someone willing to take a chance to make a firm decision to stick with something permanently.All of the women wore two-piece bathing suits of the same design.They were instructed to spread beach towels, lie prone, read a book, and not initiate contact with men.

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The men were 20 percent more likely to think they could date the tattooed women than women without tattoos—and they were 28 percent more likely to think the tattooed women would have sex on the first date. So we know that men are more likely to approach tattooed women; more likely to think they’d be open to dating; and more likely to assume they’re open to sex. Polish researchers explored the issue in a recent survey of 88 young adults, both men and women, 60 of whom were ink-free, and 28 of whom had tattoos.

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