Indian online dating industry

Users can buy a bucket of mangoes - the site's virtual currency - and use them to do various things on the site.

Combine these revenue models with the low customer acquisition cost and manpower requirements, and you have a love story made in India.

"Our fourperson safety team monitors members 24X7 to weed out fakes."Other sites use Facebook logins to fend off spammers.

"We would rather people receive a limited number of messages from quality individuals that they can build a connection with," says Dharamshi of Two

"We saw that the market was saturated with traditional matrimonial sites," says Dharamshi of Two : Tips to set up your business online"However, the whole idea of marriage and relationships was going through a revolution, and Indians, like their counterparts in the Western world, were looking to date a potential partner before making a decision about marriage." She started Two with Rahul Bhardwaj and Paras Dharamshi, with some funding from Indian-Canadian entrepreneur Andy Jasuja.

Until recently, local searches on international sites generally threw up profiles of people soliciting escort services or worse.

For instance, Date focuses on students or graduates of professional courses, and fuses online dating with offline events - for instance, yachting, or a sangria-making contest - where members meet.

12 to 15 per cent, so India could easily see growth rates upwards of 15 to 20 per cent for the next few years." The story of (formerly, illustrates the potential of the online dating business in India.

A couple of years after was launched in 2008, US-based Adam Sachs, Dan Osit and Kevin Owocki found that their website was popular in India.

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A handful of entrepreneurs has realised that in the business of love, India could be where the proverbial rainbow touches the ground.

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