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Put the server ( and the channel (#dreamwidth) into your favorite IRC client. This doesn't have to be the same as your Dreamwidth username, but it does have to be a nickname that no one else on Freenode is using.(You can change it easily after you connect.) It's generally best if you register your nickname once you've settled on one that is available and you like. (If your preferred nickname has already been registered, you can sometimes get staff to assist you in registering it.) In order to register your nickname on the IRC channel, use this command: (Do not actually use the brackets, just put in your password or email.) If for some reason you can't identify to the server in time, or otherwise need to change your nickname, these commands will work: The main channel strives to be a genial, welcoming place where people who are interested in Dreamwidth (in general, even if they don't feel called to volunteer at the moment) can spend time.If you are a Dreamwidth user new to IRC, this page and the IRC help page have information on getting connected and set up. IRC is not required for volunteering, but can be very helpful and is where a great deal of social interaction takes place.If you are a Freenode/FLOSS user new to Dreamwidth, welcome!In 2008 I blogged on In January 1991 I had my first epiphany about the potential of the Internet to change the world.A few months before, in fall of 1990, a fellow grad student introduced me to IRC chat, real-time chat tool via the Internet that allowed for conversations with people around the world.

Whoever's around on the hour (or whenever they notice it's been over 1 hour since the last announcement) is encouraged to announce a channel stretch break.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is one of the oldest methods for group chat on the internet.

Dreamwidth owners, contractors, developers/volunteers, users, and other interested parties occupy a number of IRC channels on the Freenode IRC network.

And it was with this in mind that I set a course to work at the U. Information Agency, the State Department's cultural outreach entity.

I found IRC to be a community with incredible opportunities for substantive international connections.

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