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Buzzies (n): travellers Cacks (n): trousers - 'I was laughing me cacks off'- I was laughing so hard my trousers fell down' Or ' I wet me cacks' it was so funny - I was so scared 'I shit me cacks'. Caffler (n): arsehole, idiot, eejit Cake-hole (n): mouth or arsehole! "You're some can of piss" Canary, nearly had a (n): had a fright Canted (v): kicked a football over a wall - "you canted the ball you fucking eejit" - as in you CANT get the ball back - the other side of the wall contains usually a big dog or some bollix who never gives you your football back Capper (n): a handicapped person Carpet muncher (n): lesbian Carry-on (n): argument, commotion Cassie (n): back yard Cat (a): no good, awful, very bad Cess, bad (n): Bad luck Cha (n): tea Chancer (n): dodgy/risky character Chav (n): Council housing and violent - someone who lives in an area that was populated by people kicked out of inner city slums Cheek (n): Disrespect Cheesed Off (a): angry, also Pissed Off Cheese on your chin (phr): your fly is open!Chinwag (n): a chat Chipper (n): fish and chip shop Chips (n): french fries Chiseller (n): young child Chokin' the chicken (v): wank Chucker-out (n): doorman/bouncer Circling over Shannon (phr): drunk.(phr): Dismissive response, indicating general disdain and disbelief Gowl (n): stupid person/idiot; vagina Grand (a): fine, nice Growler (n): female genitalia (hairy growler) Gushie/rushie (n): to throw up a sweet/candy or coin and have a crowd of kids run to catch it.Guard (n): policeman - also Razzers, the Razz, mule, pigs, shades, a female guard is a "banner" - (the irish for police woman is Ban Garda).Experienced mature sluts - Cheap mature phone sex with bored slutty housewives for dirty live 121 chat Milfs, grannies and cougars waiting to talk filthy. Experienced in all areas, they will leave you wanting to Cum back for more Available to chat right now View all our girls who are ready and waiting for your call.

Cork) Gansey (n): sweater, jersey, pullover or loads (of something) Gargle (n & v): alcohol - to go out drinking Gary Glitter (n): your shitter or arse Gas (a): funny Gasún (gossoon) (n): child Gasur (n): young boy Gatch (n): an unusual way of walking e.g.

That's Arthur Guiness talking (phr): when someone is talking rubbish while under the influence Arthur Scargill (n): gargle/drink; after the miners union leader in the 80s in England.

Article (n): a woman, usually half in jest Artist, government (n): person 'drawing' the dole [social security] Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off and don't be annoying me (phr): general ways of telling someone to shut up As rough as a bear's arse As scarce as hen's teeth As sharp as a beach ball As sick as a small hospital As small as a mouse's diddy As thick as two short planks As useful as a lighthouse on a bog As useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike.

a mug of rosie and a doorstep Dope (n): idiot, more playful than eejit On the Doss (v): To be goofing off Dosser (n): layabout, useless Dote (n): a lovely little thing, usually a baby or a nice person Down the Swanie (phr): down the drain Doxie (n): a lady of the night who plies her trade on the docks Drain da snake (phr): have a piss, take a leak Drawers (n): underwear, usually ladies' :-) Dressed to the nines (phr): done up, in your Sunday best Drink Link (n): a bank ATM Drop the hand (phr): gain access to a female's nether regions, go below the belt etc.

Dry Shite (n): a dull, boring person Dry up (phr): Shut up!

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