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"And Bryan," she added, "can I have a ride home tonight?

If not, see you in the elevator." "I am Ellen Barkin," said the actress, now a die-hard New Yorker, as she strode onto the stage in a chic black silk trousers and blouse ensemble.

Craig (a big supporter of rights for women and the LGBT communities), allows us to dream of an equal playing field for women and men.

He criticizes Craig's work-out habits and hard body, and as Corbett explains how male fear of objectification can lead to aggression, Cohen seems compelled to "turn the object of desire" into a "threatening object." It's too bad that in addition to overlooking the plight of women as objects, Cohen also seems to miss the tremendous gift Daniel Craig offers by unabashedly objectifying himself onscreen.However, it's also the same fantasy that perpetuates ideas of women as precarious objects in our culture; objects to be gazed upon, desired, consumed, penetrated—perhaps even invaded or attacked.The fantasy of woman as object, puts pressure on all women to contort themselves to be desirable, and to conceal their own desiring gaze.He describes each as being "of a certain age," lacking muscles, but still getting the girl (all of 23) due to experience, strength of character, and aged wisdom." In other words, unlike the young women in these films (and unlike Craig in ), Cohen's ideal men don't have to do the work it entails to be objects of desire.They exist outside of the desiring gaze of women (or men), doing all the gazing themselves, and this, he believes, makes them powerful, "manly," and desirable.

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