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neither of you are coming back( AM) tr_willk: what kind of entertainment can there be with abs?Sigh why couldn't he just stfu and let things be..bout this: i'll solve everyones problems here with a simple solution the ab off is back on between zeke and tr rules are simple entrants have until sunday am est of next week to submit an entry (or have someone submit an entry for them) at which time zeke will be unbanned if he submits an entry. Alright I'm done with diz.( AM) tr_willk: hmmm ( AM) tr_willk: so, how do i submit my abs?if zeke doesn't submit an entry he will be permanently banned and shitlisted if tr doesn't submit an entry he will be permanently banned and shitlisted if zeke wants he can get unbanned earlier submissions are in the form of the users making a video showing off their abs so people can judge judging is based off of votes so i would suggest making it 'interesting' The ab off was supposed to be until Jan 1st, what's the point of an ab off if it's to post results after one weeks training, you know it takes longer than that to get any visible results yak. ( AM) yak: you can email me a link or you can tell me before you want to submit it and i can unban you to submit it ( AM) tr_willk: i just shot it ( AM) tr_willk: it's not like i wasn't going to do it ( AM) tr_willk: yet another command performance ( AM) tr_willk: they aren't that impressive yet, though ( AM) yak: its not going to be boring is it?Just let tr an Zeke do this mano a mano thing, they already established the rules for it What I heard it's Jan 1st. ( AM) tr_willk: it's just me without a shirt on ( AM) tr_willk: not even my face ( AM) tr_willk: incidentally, i only mentioned it just now because you said it was on for a week from sunday ( AM) tr_willk: they aren't as good as they will be soon ( AM) tr_willk: how about i send it to you and you decide?All I'm saying is that a beer challenge and a food challenge doesn't take that much effort in preparing. I know Zeke is more serious about the ab off than any other challenge. I think TR has actually been working out, if only they had subbed pre-contest belly pics back then, we could have been able to see improvement and declare a winner. ( AM) tr_willk: because, if you want me oiled up and posing and making my pecs dance to a song or something, that's going to take a little more work ( AM) yak: well i am not going to take anything that isnt entertaining ( AM) yak: so you saying what you are saying ( AM) yak: its not good enough ( AM) yak: im sick of generic submissions of people who dont gaf enough to do something other than not even the bare minimum ( AM) tr_willk: see, the problem here is that i was getting ready for dec 1.

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