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According to the National Association for Multicultural Education: "Multicultural education is a philosophical concept built on the ideals of freedom, justice, equality, equity, and human dignity as acknowledged in various documents, such as the U. Declaration of Independence, constitutions of South Africa and the United States, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations.It affirms our need to prepare students for their responsibilities in an interdependent world." (Feb.In Illinois, for example, its English law states simply, “The official language of the state of Illinois is English.” In Missouri, it’s even more vague, more of an observation than a designation: “The general assembly recognizes that English is the most common language used in Missouri and recognizes that fluency in English is necessary for full integration into our common American culture.” Most states go further, with additional guidelines, like Tennessee, which mandates that, “All communications and publications, including ballots, produced by governmental entities in Tennessee shall be conducted in English unless the nature of the course would require otherwise.” In Massachusetts, its Supreme Court ruled someone could be convicted of a crime for violating a written order, even though it was written in English.

is preserved and enhanced,” yet the state offers election services and materials in nine languages, and there’s a Spanish-language DMV website.This cultural genocide works through the process of "deculturalization," which Spring describes as "the educational process of destroying a people's culture and replacing it with a new culture" (p. The Jewish immigrant and sociologist of Polish and Latvian heritage, Horace Kallen (1915), coined the term "cultural pluralism" to challenge the image of the so-called "melting pot," which he considered inherently undemocratic.Kallen envisioned a United States in the image of a great symphony orchestra, not sounding in unison (the "melting pot" with its monolingualism), but rather, one in which all the disparate languages and cultures play in harmony and retain their unique and distinctive tones and timbres.But the advantages of switching to English far outweigh the negatives, Neeley argues.“Language differences can cause a bottleneck --- a Tower of Babel, as it were --- when geographically dispersed employees have to work together to meet common goals,” Neeley writes.I had the pleasure of visiting my cousin in Antwerp, Belgium. I argue that making English the official language in the United States or any state is about as necessary as establishing popcorn as the official snack at movie theaters.

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