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When you receive a super like yourself, you have to start swiping to find out who issued it.Their highlighted card should be within the first ca. While super liking makes it a lot more probable that the recipient will check out, or even see your profile, whether it increases or decreases the likelihood of them swiping right on you – versus coming across your profile naturally – depends on the person in question.When you unmatch someone, the conversation gets deleted on both ends.They’ll see a notification for a new message, but when they open Tinder to check, nothing will show up (which is kind of cruel).This is especially true if your account is still fresh, or you started swiping in a new location, because that means your account is being boosted by Tinder for a couple of days, showing your profile to “Instant matches” is my chosen term for the matches you get directly by liking a profile, because they already liked you.“Passive matches” is what I call the matches you get via notification a while after swiping right, i.e. This used to be the case, but since a few updates ago, you can upload pictures directly from your phone.

Personal Opinion: I’d rather choose my main picture myself, as appealing to the masses is not always my highest priority.

Combined with the function seemingly not doing anything at all during my (extended) tests, this means I keep it switched off.

Tip: It’s on by default, so to keep it off, you’ll have to check after every relog, at least on my current android version.

If you swipe left, they will never know with certainty whether you even saw them.

No, unless they read it in the short time between sending and unmatching.

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