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The admin panel has been rewritten from the scratch.

We have had a lot a of letters asking to add things to the admin panel, that's why we decided to rewrite it completely. Sometimes you need to try a new software to understand if it is better for your business.

The user will be able to upload all kinds of movies, they are converted in FLV files and played in an ordinary Flash player. Give your members some pleasure, and they will come to you again! If you want to make your site closer to My Space model, you can switch the forum on.

In many online communities, it is as important to know where someone is as it is to know what their background or interests are.He can enter this every time, or he can just save this search as "My favourite lady" and start searching with only one click. You will be able to modify the design, add new features, do whatever you like with it.The code is written simply and logically, you or your programmers will have no difficulties understanding it.Only several files related to the license are encoded. A lot of users always try to give their e-mails and numbers in a private message.This of course makes the dating business rather difficult, because the members will not visit the site any more.

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All Flash games are unique, they are made by our artists and programmers. All users will create topics and posts using their own usernames. Moreover, they can subsribe to personal blogs of their friends, to see what is new in their lives.

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