Reasons why dating sites are bad

It’s an opportunity to catch up on those things we’ve been not-so-secretly dying to do: maybe it’s a night class, maybe some redecoration…

it could simply be giving yourself the time to see those movies you missed.

Try and look beyond what you have to what could be, and find the strength to make a change.

In fact, some extended alone time can be really good for you.

If you find yourself ready to end it after an argument, stop. Your partner still admires the opposite sex Loving someone doesn’t mean you become instantly blind to every other attractive person on the planet.

Take some time out and use the argument as a way to find out more about your partner, rather than as a reason to head for the door. Beautiful people are everywhere – whether they’re in a Hollywood film or Tescos – and it would be a saint who didn’t notice.

Those couples suffering may spend all of their time together bickering and arguing, and the rest of it avoiding and withdrawing, but something still stops them from pulling the plug. Bad relationships can be habit forming: it may not be good, but you know what to expect.

From the outside it may seem like a complete mystery why, but here are just five reasons people stay in bad relationships… For some these familiar patterns bring a kind of comfort, and induce an almost irrevocable inertia.

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Perhaps it’s a financial situation – how on earth can you rent or buy a place on just your income? Here it’s important to know that for every problem, there is some kind of solution.

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