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Afraid that they may overstep some boundary that they’re not completely aware of.Thus [they’re] sort of pulling back and not having the experience.Beverly, my makeup artist, got this stuff called Jan Tanna and she would put it on me and I looked, literally, I looked like George Hamilton in real life.

Personally, the movie’s about this: She’s in her head and she’s outside and she’s making judgments. We live in a time where the President of the United States likes to make judgments and call people evil.My fear, I think, going into it when I first started rehearsals, because I didn’t really know Sanaa [Lathan], I don’t really know [director] Sanaa Hamri, I’ve met with them and auditioned but what do you gauge from that?I felt comfortable with Sanaa and that sort of helped us work together and develop chemistry on the screen.So I was really kind of a little nervous about that.I was shy but by the fifth day or something, I’m dancing with everyone else and joining in, just completely relaxed and [felt] completely un-self-conscious because you get past that thing, this idea that you have in your head which is generally about fear.

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