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As one 2014 Australian government report notes, in Sri Lanka “a strong local culture of migration has developed whereby migration – especially international migration – is entwined with prosperity; migration is seen as a normal way to improve one’s economic situation or a means to navigate a crisis.” Many Sri Lankan youth reportedly view migration or international schooling as an opportunity to enhance their employment prospects, and Sri Lanka’s tertiary-level student population is quite mobile – in part because higher education in Sri Lanka has insufficient capacity to address student demand, especially at the undergraduate level.According to a 2013 Student mobility data from different sources such as UNESCO, the Institute of International Education, and the governments of various countries may be inconsistent, in some cases showing substantially different numbers of international students, whether inbound, or outbound, from or in particular countries.Since the election, President Sirisena has, for example, authorized a long-blocked United Nations’ investigation into war crimes during the civil war, and supported a range of anti-corruption measures.According to Freedom House, Sri Lanka has experienced significant “improvements in political and civil liberties under the new administration.” Sri Lanka has a significant diaspora tradition, with large numbers of Sri Lankans living and working abroad either as skilled or unskilled professionals, mainly in Canada, France, India, and Australia, as well as throughout the Middle East.It also performs well on other educational indicators, for instance elementary school enrollment, and mean years of schooling.Public secondary and higher education studies are free to all citizens, though those living in regions still in recovery from the civil war may have less access to quality education than those living in other regions.The war and post-war reconstruction efforts also diverted funds away from education.

Despite the ravages of a 27-year civil war that began in 1983 and ended in 2009, the country maintains some of the highest literacy rates in South Asia.

New Zealand were due to be the next team to visit Pakistan but cancelled their December tour that same year and so followed every arranged fixture thereafter.

Pakistan, one of the most cricket-mad nations on earth, has been deprived of international cricket since then but, in a fitting gesture, Sri Lanka have agreed to become the nation to end the boycott when they play a T20 international in Lahore at the end of this month.

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