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I specifically remember the last time she spanked me, I was 7 and I called my friend "stupid". No wonder there's so many unruly children in the stores anymore.

She pulled me in her room and spanked me and said "we never call people stupid". Since people are saying spanking is abuse, parents don't have many options to get their points across to their young children. A light wack on the bottom seems to really get a point across.

I agree here, for it is in how a person goes about the discipline that can leave another to view it as it as sexual abuse or not....

for if it is done after a child has done something wrong and the person has taken time to calm down before administering the spanking then I feel the child will see it for what was.......

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Okay I posted this in another forum once and really ticked off the administrator.

But I don't think that sexual interests are "deviant" unless they are unwanted by the person who has them or are harmful in a truly dangerous way of that person or others. I am personally against "time outs" but know my opinion is just that, a personal opinion based on my own experience so while I might not use time outs with a child of mine, they work for other parents so. If I were going to come out against anything in childhood as causing continuing problems (across the spectrum, not just sexually) it would be emotional abuse.

I'm not sure, Sidony, if one can really make cause/effect connections in "general," (physical punishment = messed up sexuality) especially if one doesn't know a goodly number of people who feel they are sexually messed up and were also punished in this way? I think repeated emotional "patterns" are more important than anything else that happens to a child and can warp their "normal" development patterns.

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But it's an issue I've thought about so I'll put it out there: I'm very opposed to spanking children.

Not just because I'm opposed to physical violence in general (which I am) but also because I think it can mess with a person's sexual identity.

I just wanted to chime in because I was spanked as a child and I turned out ok.

=) ~Rayna (edited to add trigger icon) I was spanked as a child (although my mom developed eczyma at some point and her doctor told her to use a slipper -- that was the end of spanking being useful as a form of discipline - ha ha).

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