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Doing this makes your app Here are some cool things you can do with remotely controlled config: Adjust Your UI (revisited)Same as above, but now with remote control!

Maybe your image hosting service got an upgrade, so you can change to higher resolution images and make them .

So keep both versions, and use a “feature constant” to switch quickly between the two.

It’ll give you the best kind of immediate comparison.

The framework even auto-generates a settings page for you.

Until you’re sure the new behavior is what you want, you should make a “feature constant”, and gate your new stuff behind that.

All they can see in the console are the placeholders, not the values.

The values are inserted server-side at the proxy layer.

However, it will not take effect for existing parameters where a value has already been set.

Don't use the default value as a fallback value.

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If your app needs a fallback value, implement it in the app.

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