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The following year, they issued their first full-length LP, When in Rome Do as the Vandals, on the small National Trust label; it featured new bass player Chalmer Lumary, as well as the local radio hits "Lady Killer" and "Mohawk Town." Substantial personnel shifts ensued over the next few years; ex-Fallen Idols singer Dave Quackenbush joined up later in 1985, and Escalante switched from drums to bass.More members came and went; guitarist Warren Fitzgerald came on board in 1987, and drummer Josh Freese joined in 1989, completing a new Vandals lineup that would endure for over a decade /br /The album Slippery When Ill, a snarky piss-take on country music that was later reissued under the title The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes, was released in 1989.Heavy Vegetable Frisbie (1995)Song for Wesley This song's about a man. He can roar like a lion He gets down like a Magikist. Its dark and creepy and explores some deep areas, and Fessenden as the lead reminds me of so many wayward, wandering friends...myself too. the chorus of the second song they show is "Count on the insane to save the souls of the suckers". If they were a woman I would make sweet love to them for days. If you say yes right now, I'll make it work some how.

Freese's session career was also booming by this time, and although he remained a studio regular, he was often replaced during live gigs by a rotating cast of four to five drummers, the most prominent of whom was Brooks Wackermann (later of Bad Religion). Pray to god that you're thinking what I'm thinking. Pray to god that you're thinking what I'm thinking. I'd keep my fingers crossed for another MILF like you. The group subsequently signed with punk indie Triple X, with which they made their first big splash via 1991's Fear of a Punk Planet.With their back catalog out of print, the Vandals next re-recorded much of the band's early material on the 1994 live album Sweatin' to the Oldies.

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