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Or how at the end of the day, Ru is a black man playing a black woman, and he should understand that when one portrays someone of a different community, you need to be open to feedback. Whether people are still hating Tyra Sanchez (and being salty over Raven's deserved loss) 6 years after her victory, mobbing together to attack Kennedy Davenport's performances AND character, or making poor edits/memes that shame queens of color for shade while praising white queens for doing the same (if Violet Chachki had been of color, she would've been loathed), it's no secret that online arguments about Drag Race can get really heated, really quick.

What's sad about the aggressive and exclusive attitudes in the fandom is that the show is people who have been historically and systematically oppressed.

White & Case is an international law firm that serves companies, governments and financial institutions.The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money.has cracked the code on how to make gay culture mainstream, it unfortunately has yet to figure out how to do this while catering to a more intersectional audience.(Just see any interview where contestants are asked what Ru is like in person.They never know because they don't actually interact.) Or how Ru doesn't legitimately connect with his blackness on the show (like how Tyra Banks on would engage in short dialogues with black contestants on how they've been taught to look and pose). What I want to focus on specifically is the tone and attitude of and will come for you if you disagree with them or offer critiques on their favorite show.

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