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He chopped it up with ILOSM in a 2 part interview about Groove Theory, dating, and so much more!

I talked to my mom about this, and when she was my age, she said they called two people going on dates “dating.” “Talking” wasn’t a word they used for romantic interests at all. Just to be clear, I’m not saying using that word is wrong.

Now, it seems that when we, as a society, are referring to two people going on dates, we say they are “talking.” Why has this changed?

When we say Sally and Mark are “talking,” we may mean a variety of things: Friends with benefits, flirting with each other via text, friends that sometimes make out, two people that are interested in each other, but don’t want a relationship, or two people going on dates but have not decided if they are ready for a serious relationship. A 27-year-old college student, Cory Minor, touches on one of the ways this topic can be confusing: “Well, to me, it (saying two people are talking) means that the two people in question are in the process of getting to know one another on a more personal level in hopes of entering a meaningful relationship.

Her lawyer Jason Setchen added that they came to an amicably agreement, although no word amount the amount was revealed but we do know that Barbara and Pitbull’s daughter will be soon enrolled in a private school.

Bryce Perez (Bryce Pérez) was born on March 5, 2003. Do you think it’s possible that Barbara Alba is his mother??

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The 30-year-old rapper (born Robert Rihmeek William), stepped ?

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