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However, what should have been a weekend of unadulterated delight was filled with moments of sadness.Not because I don't like his new wife (she is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met), or because I'm estranged from my son (he's great), or because of the venue or the in-laws or religious objections. Diane and I just talked a few times in the last six months, I guess. But every so often, every couple of movies, you actually get a really good friend. It's kind of like going to summer camp where you get that close and then a lot of times you'll never see people again.

Ever since I found out that my ex-husband of two years was bringing his girlfriend to the three-day camp wedding in the Adirondacks, I've been alternatively dreading and looking forward to the occasion.

The two costars are working together again in August: Osage County, set to hit theaters in November 2013.

This time, Mulroney will play the boyfriend of Roberts' character's younger sister (Juliette Lewis).

It turns out that the actual ceremony and dinner afterwards were wonderful.

My son and his wife were joyous and radiant, and the entire evening was incredibly special. I was able to reconnect with my son's longstanding childhood friends, a group of boys who basically grew up in front of me and have developed into amazing men.

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