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Friends and family don’t always have the answers, and that’s okay.

Their advice is always welcome, but not always what you need at the moment.

We also have other married couples who are examples in our lives.

My parents have been married over 40 years, and both sets of grandparents for over 65 years.

After what was an eventful evening at the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, stars made their way to the Vanity Fair after party to celebrate their wins, commiserate their losses and forget the excruciating moment La La Land was incorrectly announced as the winner of Best Picture.

That's the blueprint for marriage that we go by, and that's what our marriage is grounded in.

Ultimately the expression on your face gives you away, and they feel betrayed by the lie. I have no secrets and no skeletons in my closet with my husband, and I love that.

If this is the person you're going to be with—forever and ever, for better or worse—they will love you for all of your good and all of your bad. I feel comfortable and at ease with myself when I'm around him.

I love the woman that I've become with him."Photo: We Heart It"I think the best love advice I've ever received is really about understanding that communication is key, of course, but also that there's not one perfect person for you.

You kind of have to accept what are the things that are negotiable for you and what are not."Photo: We Heart It"My mom always told me, "Whatever happens, will happen" or ' Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen." I've learned you'll know when you find the right person.

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  1. My deep misunderstanding of Chat was that it was meant to be witty, an actual conversation. Over the months, I learned the mysteries of this strange realm: its customs, its argot, and its social hierarchies.