Wii console locks up when updating Malasiya sex chat in online flashplayer

If it didn't happen with the update it won't magically happen tommorow or the day after. The faster disc reading is more about helping with dual layered games like Brawl which have issues.They likely just couldn't figure out how to do it efficiently without risk to any legit files or something. Anyway, nothing we haven't seen from other companies (anyone remember the PSP? Every little bit helps so I imagine it will help a touch.The transfer rates are excellent, I had a fiddle earlier to check them out. Improvement, but it could be better.apparently, I'm glad I have a "sacrificial lamb" of a wii that I can use to run homebrew, it's basically got nothing on it from nintendo, no extra channels or anything, so I've nothing to fear of putting homebrew on and don't even need to put the update on.

Isn't that good news for people who find it bad Nintendo tries to impose restrictions then? It's neat Nintendo's messages also include an update button to get right to business when they notify of an update via that interface. The loading screen noise is being made, but it does nothing.I've waited over 5 minutes during that before, and it just kept "loading".I'm also pretty sure that it froze in the e-shop once, and once while closing Amazon Prime (but it's happened so many times that I can't remember).Is it likely that my system is defective, or are many others experiencing these problems as well?

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